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3:48 p.m. - Monday, Dec. 03, 2001
December sucks and so do Saturdays

December sucks and so do Saturdays

I never felt as angry as I did this past Saturday. Wait. Friday. Friday, my stupid ass friends and I go out to eat and then bowling (hell, there's nothing more entertaining then bowling against ppl who score higher than you, rub it in, and make fun of you as you bowl). While at the alley, 3 students walk in. Not only do they walk in, but the goto the bar. Hmm. Bar? That's not good. I'm trying to behave w/ my jackass friends (most are teachers, btw) who are mostly 3 sheets to the wind.

I go to the bar and buy a beer. I'm accompanied by Jackass National Guardsman. I make a comment back at our table about how the boys were sitting at the bar and how I hoped they weren't drinking.

big mistake!!

The N'G Jackass goes BACK TO THE BAR and proceeds to inform the bartender (THEIR MOTHER) that I'm concerned about them being at the bar. She just stares at him.

Don't forget, he's shitfaced and in the company of her son's accelerated history teacher. Yippie fucking whatever.

I, after punching the shit out of Jackass N/G'sman, go to the bar to save face. Hell, how could I have known she was there working?? (*Bang head on desk*)

I order a beer, make small talk, then apologize for mr. jackass n'g/sman ("I'm sorry about my friend. Not only did he misinterpret my concern, but he's also an idiot.")

I don't know if she found the humor in that. But, I was upset about it all weekend. (I usually shield my personal life from that of a that the kids worship the holy me instead of the raucous me.)


Then, Saturday, while stooping over from a nasty headache (i'm getting them very often now), I become mean. I boycott a night out b/c no one is compliant w/ what the "plans" were. That night, the man goes to the neighbors for a "few minutes" and ends up staying 4 hours. I called there at 1am nicely asking for him. He gets on the phone and I proceed to rip him a new asshole.

Needless to say, we fought Sunday. Most of the day.

Then a strange calm occurred.

I guess that means we're ok. I don't know.

I'm also quite scatterbrained at work lately. Not only do I have more work than GOD, but everyone keeps assigning me MORE work. I had an epiphany this weekend. I need a new job I not only need to get the hell out of this h.s., but I need to get a grip on my life as well. Since I began teaching, everything's been put on hold until I get my work done. That sometimes results in me working 7 days/week. UGH. Even holidays. Even weekends. Even nights.

I was "told" that I'm not putting family first. My attention pyramid goes something like this:





lovely, eh?

Not that a new job will decrease my work load, but perhaps....somewhere out there.....I will be appreciated for all the fucking hours I put in to a thankless job that revolves around teaching kids who could give a shit. Or not. UGH!

I have prom shit up my ass. I'm sick of being an advisor, and WILL NOT be doing this again. I was informed that at other schools I'd get paid MORE for doing all this fucking work. Here, I get shit on a shingle, literally. I also was dumped on w/ this tidbit of news:

"Hi, _______, I wanted to inform you that you have to compile all the work you've given out since the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL to me soon for a homebound student. Make it easy, but make sure I have it all."

(My response:)

"Do you want a rabbit pulled out of my ass as well?"

(His response:)

"If you can do that, yes."

(My response:)

"How about a chicken and two cows?"

(No response, just a dirty look)

(My comment to follow:)

"Why don't you wait til the day before finals, and give me 2 days to compile every little thing I've done, and copy it in duplicate? Better yet, why not share the wealth w/ the OTHER US I teacher?"

(His response:)

You're the ONLY one who teaches non-college prep.

(My comment:)

"Lucky fucking me."

Then we discussed how this other person could be considered to have more rights than me, since he teaches 2 college level US I"s and I have 1 accelerated, 1 CP, and 2 non-cps. He said that since the other guy has been in the h.s. in other capacities for 10 years (only teaching 1 year p/t before me), that I have to suck it up.

Hence... the job hunt. This time I mean it. I'm tired. I'm broke. I have NO FUCKING CLASSROOM, even tho I was promised one. (Big fucking lie.) I'm scattered b/c I have 3 places in 6 periods. Mr. only college prep has 5 classes and his own room. Maybe it helps that he's the football coach, I dunno. It sucks tho. And I'm no longer on the bottom of the dept. totem pole.

Mr. Moneybaggs is. (The monopoly game guy.) That's what the kids call him. I just call him annoying. I *tried* to be nice, but couldn't handle the leeching-badmouthing-yeller. Just another annoying male in my dept. That's what I get for being a history teacher.


Needless to say, this week is going to suck. If it weren't for the BIG MOVIE of the week, and an academic meet that I'm chaperoning on Thursday, I'd totally crawl into a hole and cry... for a loooooooong time.

Xmas break: 14 more school days til I can sleep in late, play games on my puter, and prepare for grad school. (*Insert whimper mode*)

Why do I torment myself so? Because no one else does a half-decent job at doing it.

I guess Saturdays don't suck nearly as much as weekdays, but lately.... THEY ALL SUCK.


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