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4:01 p.m. - Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2001
Hell is for children

Hell is for Children

We're winding down a rough week and are ever-so close to X-Mas break (otherwise known as "my 10 days of sleep and playstation.") I can't wait. These kids are stir-crazy, rude, and I've actually tossed several out of class (its only Wednesday, too). UGH.

Then, yesterday, my day from H-e-l-l started with first period. The copymachine spewed paper in all directions like a 9th grader who drank too much beer. Nothing photocopied, and I had a mess on my hands (90 photocopies, one fucked up copy machine= big mess) Threw 1 kid out for acting like a lil bastard on speed. Second period (prep/breather) I graded everything I could find, while suffering through Madame complains-about-everything French Teacher. The Madame comes into my class (I call it mine b/c the extension is in MY name...*grumbles about the part-time bitch who took my room*. Then, while TRYING to grade, yes the Madame to death, I realize something. I can't find the rubrics for the Timelines that my accelerated brats' projects. UGH! Third period, I discover that the two women I eat lunch with BOTH took the day off (bitches!), so I'm stuck w/ two subs. (Rolls her eyes) During third, I step nextdoor to the computer lab to get my printed stuff and on route back, I go to grab the door and slam my right hand into the edge of the door. Thereby, the pinkie finger that has bothered me since I broke it in a dorm kitchen fire um........several years back, is now swollen and a lil bruised. I called the nurse, she sent an ice pack up. I'm a twit. Just wanted to share.

Then, I suffer through disinterested jrs 4th period, 5th period whiners, and then my coveted lunch. I goto the room and realize there's a sub for BOTH women. So, I ate my lunch quickly then decided to torment the Science teacher. I've been posting pictures on his door (revenge for last year's attack against my history classes). I figured he was the best target. He's so gullible and all. I find the funniest things. (First it was the cowardly lion, then BAtman at a lab table... what's next I wonder)

(Side note: Today he asked me how I get the think bubbles and voice boxes over their faces....he's working on a retaliatory posting, but if he has to ask how to do something, that means I win... YAHOO)

Then.......7th period nursery school begins. I would enjoy the class more if only 4 kids were left of the 10. I threw 3 kids out since Monday. I'm tired of being niceish to them. They act like flaming asses.

How many times can I listen to "Asshole" screamed across the room? Not many. I might agree, but don't SAY it in my room.

I love 8th period, for now. They are my mental salvation. Bless them.

So, that's an example of "MY" life this week. Tomorrow, we have shortened sessions b/c of a stupid sing-along assembly (which I stayed OUT of last year and will attempt to accidentally evaporate during, this year). Not for anything, but dammit. Who watches the monkeys while the faculty sings Xmas songs with the chorus? (My point, exactly.)

This year, let the newbies take the reins of babysitting brats for 1-1/2 hours. I'm going to grade my stuff and get it out of the way. We have our Xmas drink-fest-turned-evil-karaoke (at the paws of my sadistic boss) after school tomorrow. I'm not sure how I feel about it this year. Last year I got majorly shitfaced. This year I'm opting to go "water" the whole time. I'm sick of men who drink. (cough cough)

I dunno. My finger hurts. I'm an idiot. I'm melting down. And, I'm going totally academic til Friday. The kids better get ready b/c Friday is an unannounced notebook test. (Yes, sometimes my Bitch tendancies are latent.)

By the way...

Happy Festivus, Dec. 23rd.


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