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8:47 p.m. - Saturday, Dec. 22, 2001
Karoake 2

Karaoke Hell, Part 2

Nothing like having the "curse" two times in one month...UgH!

Ok, where was I? Ok, so buttmunching bossman embarasses me to tears, I reluctantly do the fucking song for him so he'll leave me alone... not before I have him sign a cocktail napkin stating that he'll assign me my OWN room for next year.

Did I also mention that my peers turned on me and helped him torment me until I reluctantly walked to the mic (then threatened the djs and made the stupid math teachers come up w/ me). It was terrible. I laughed b/c I didn't want to cry. I felt deaf b/c our lil karaoke djs had the speakers on high and aimed at my ears. Then I hid for the remainder of the night.

But, I supposedly have a room for next year.

Why am I making such a big deal over my own room? You're obviously not a teacher. Nor a history teacher, for that matter. I have shit. Not only do I have shit, I have a lot of shit. I'm also organized in a messy way and I have this tendancy to lose things. On top of that, I'm tired of schlepping my stuff across the school and back again every goddamn class period. I'm also tired of not having any "me" space, except, of course, for my desk and the lovely brown painted metal bookcase thingy the shop teacher found and fixed for me.

Besides, I *was* supposed to have my own room for this year but the frothy parttime bitch made a stink (btw, she's the one w/ the a/c'd office downstairs) about her being tenured and me not and how unfair it was for ME to get a room (god forbid 6 classes isn't a good enough excuse) and she have to travel (for 3 classes).

It's a pathetic bidding war, and I lost this year.


I will not lose next year.

I'm teetering on hating my job anyways... I need something uplifting. A room of my own, minus the non-college prep kids and NO honors kids would totally suffice me fine.

Did I mention that now the Honors parents think I'm a freak? (hehe) I won't let their kids use the Internet for their paper. I received 2 complaints about it yesterday. My response: Its my paper and I'm grading it for MY class, therefore, NO INTERNET.

They lack the same common sense as their kids. Tis a shame.

My boss, yesterday, comes into the math teacher-my room while we're having lunch. More torment my way cometh. Yey. I love to be tormented following an excruciating night of begging pleading and karaoke. It just lights my fire.

"Hey, thanks again for singing last night. You made my day."

"Just your day?"

*Giggle* <-----buttmunching bossman giggles, which would normally make you THINK he's gay, but alas, he's a married man. Ruins that theory anyway.

"You're a dork. Do you know that?"<--- yes, it borders insubordination, but we're talking about MY boss. The man who plays practical jokes on the teachers. The man who uses personal information about you AGAINST you in public places. That kinda guy. He finds humor in your inadequacies.

"I know, its great. But, again, thank you."

"Well...(awkward silence)... don't forget your promise."

"Promise?" <--- I knew he'd do that

"Yeah, you know... A room with a view"

"I promised you a room? I don't remember. Must've been the booze." <---booze hound, lounge whore (two new nicknames for buttmunching bossman)


"Yes, you get a room. You deserved it."

"I deserve much more than a room."

"No comment."<---his attempt to be funny

"Time will tell. I'm banking on major disappointment at the hands of" *smirk*

"Time will tell indeed."

(exit, stage left)

Ok, so I endure his harassment. I also endure the fact that he hired a 22 yr old fresh outta college bag of boob and ass to be the new math teacher b/c she's cute. Nothing mentioned about how she paraded as the cheerleading coach in her sportsbra at the pep rally. Nooooooo that's ok, she was at least dressed. NOt to mention that every male teacher (even mr. yuck ass-former roomie of mine) thinks she's HOT (I said, "yeah if you put a bag over her head"). I think she's a damned lucky lil bitch.

She got a room.

She got all upper level math classes (this made my math roomie pissed b/c she's stuck w/ the introductory math... Hi, 1+1=5.)

She also coaches cheerleading (I don't call it a sport but I guess the coaches see her bouncing around and consider that exercise). By the way, she's the target of my complaint regarding, "Hey, cheerleader, you're too fat, drop 7 lbs by next week." I goto buttmuncher about this and he said he spoke to her. The girls misunderstood her. THey need discipline ya know. (Not that they do much or anything.)

I don't know about you, but to me, discipline isn't equivalent to "run 25 laps and make sure you drag along the asthmatic girl, she forgot her inhaler." Nor is it equitable to, "Hey, skinny girl, I see a flab molecule on your arm, do 150 pushups til it goes away." NOR does it make, "you're fat, drop weight," an acceptable way to deal w/ h.s. girls already dealing with eating disorders and drug use.

Yes, our cheerleaders are druggies.

That's what makes it fun. Get them stoned and watch them toss one another. WHen they miss whoever they're supposed to catch, its a touchdown (or was that a homerun, I forget).


Needless to say, I'm not having much "fun" this year. Rather, it kinda sucks much. Even so, I'm going to stick it out b/c that's all I can do. I am also NOT going to ask for accelerated kids next year. Its not worth the personal stress I get over -1 point on a test or my grading practices (they're lucky I'm not failing them on their attitudes alone... we don't exactly make "smart" kids at my school).

So goes it for a teacher who tries new things and actually cares. I'm losing my creative edge, my willingness to want to get up in the morning for work, and my desire to give a shit.

Can you tell I don't really care about tenure?


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