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12:54 p.m. - 2001-04-29

*Sorry no one is home*

I took my GRE's yesterday. Let's just say that there are other places for stupid people like me. Not only did I take the CBT (computer based test), but I did so fucking badly that I doubt that anyone will ever let me into their school. (I'm mathematically nice to me.)

So, I've decided that regardless of my scores, I'm going to be persistent and apply to the colleges of MY choice. And, once I receive the rejection letters, then we can have this huge "fuck you" bon fire in which I will be throwing my rejections letters INTO.


Remind me to never discuss the GRE with someone who's IN grad school who AVOIDED taking it...somehow.

The question I received by them is this...

"Well, where do you think you went wrong?"

My response: "By paying $100 to take the friggin thing."

Their response: "Well, where DID you go wrong ON the test?"

My response: "By failing to write my name on the paper."

(har har...I took a COMPUTER test, not a pencil test...der)

Anyways, someone out there wants me in their school, but doesn't realize what a BAD move that could be. Hehe. I'm ok about the score, really. I knew I was mathematically challenged eons ago, when I took my SAT's (which btw, my GRE scored LOWER in math than my SAT's did...what a nice gift for my bday).

So, today is Sunday, and I get to not celebrate MY birthday with my family. Rather, they decided that since I refuse to celebrate my birthday with my 4 yr old niece, that I can celebrate it in March. Ok, now here's logic worth writing about. I was born WAY before the child was, yet, I never celebrate my birthday because SHE comes first. That's logic. Gotta love it.

So, I refused my name on the cake because I think its pathetic to celebrate with a child. So, I have to wait til next weekend. I don't even want to celebrate with them. I'd rather get my gifts NOW and celebrate next weekend w/ my friends, who certainly will enjoy themselves. Rather than watching a cluster of lil people run through my house w/ gunk on their feet, foot on their hands, and a wandering eye for breakables. Yummy, doesn't that sound delish?

Anyways, I have to get back to creating quizzes. The kids are damned lucky I had a semi-decent weekend or they'd be paying for it (accidentally) tomorrow.



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