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12:17 a.m. - 2001-04-28
Birthday Wishes :)

happy bday to me

call me selfish, but I love it when people acknowledge my bday. I don't know why, maybe b/c it's mine and isn't shared by anyone else...

til this year.

A senior at the school and I share the same b-day. She's been counting it down for months and it finally happened today. Well, I thought I was in for a shitty bday as usual. Man, was I sadly mistaken. Not only did Peter (*grins*) and Michelle (*grins*) call me when I wasn't home, to wish me a happy big old birthday, but everyone at school did so too. A couple of gifts surfaced on my desk, kids were singing to me in the hallway, and at the prom (Yes, I chaperoned my first prom tonite on purpose) they announced it and everyone sang to me. I haven't felt this wanted or needed in a while. I think that's why teaching suits me at times. With all the stresses and anxieties, I like being needed. Tonight, kids were asking me to take their pictures (sometimes with me IN them), help them with their ties/dresses, and even sang my song with the whole dancefloor ("I Will Survive" from my stint in the Faculty Showcase). I left smiling and elated.

I'm just a big kid at heart.

Thank God my principal likes me or I'd be screwed. He thinks I'm nuts, but that's the endearing part...

He put me on "T&A" patrol tonight. IN otherwords, making sure everyone HAS their's and no one else does. I have NO problems separating butts from pelvises, hands from breasts, and tongues from tonsils. I'm the middle-of-the-dancefloor kinda person. So, I love attention. Especially when I'm a part of it all.

That's why I said selfish before. I only desire a little bit for myself, and being paid attention to every so often makes me happy. At least I wasn't the teacher-who-thinks-she's-a-student. I know I'm not one....I haven't been in quite some time. But, I would rather be w/ the kids (sometimes) than with the adults.

That's why the principal gives me the "fun" jobs all of the time.

Anyways, I enjoyed myself. I did. And, I hope all future bdays feel as warm and fuzzy as this one did.

( one son gave me an 8-ball for my bday so I can have it predict whether kids get bathroom passes or not. I'm so stoked. (Yes, stoked!) I love that 8 ball..and always wanted one since I was a kid. My other son gave me an art kit b/c I like to draw (even tho the kit is a kid's one, I know he had my best interest at heart.) AND, best gift of all (Besides the selfish attention kind) is from my husband....a BonJovi CD...*siiiiiiiiighs*

God only knows how much I LOVE BONJOVI. :)


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