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10:07 p.m. - 2001-06-17
3 more days!!

the fungus among us

3 more days til I get rid of my 1st period. 3 more days til I have to get everything done for the seniors so they can graduate. 3 more days til I can sleep in. 3 more days of lugging shit around w/ me for 2 periods and a lunch. 3 more days til I'm done w/ study hall. AND 3 more days of red pens, hall passes, late slips, and writeups.



I have 3 finals to grade tomorrow. All hail the blessed SCANTRON machine. *grins* I have no finals on Tuesday (just monitoring a study hall the last 90 minutes of the day) and 2 finals on Wed. problem is this... I'm trying to STAY organized, but I'm losing paperwork as I go from place to place.

Mr. Cranky-Ass starting throwing shit away in OUR room, only for me to find out some of it was MINE. (We had a lil talk)

I am lugging home my personal belongings, leaving behind only school schitt. Why? Because they're MY personal belongings. Teachers like to "borrow" stuff. I just don't want my personals "borrowed" anymore. I never get em back.

Another thing...

What is it with "net love?" I know this couple who've "netted" themselves for 3 or more years. Never met. She doesn't want to meet him. THey have broken up about a hundred times in 2 years. (I personally think its stupid, but who am I to test the boundaries of net love?) Now, he's surprised when she tells him that she doesn't love him...b/c she never MET him.

Hmmmmpf. Net love = Non-committed, safe relationship w/o strings (just lots of email, online time, and chat fights).


So, I bought two books this weekend and a digital camera. The digital camera is courtesy of Toshiba. My laptop was included in a class action suit which ended up handing me (literally) a few hundred bucks. With that, fuck kodak and the unfixable camera, I bought a SONY digital camera. It's cute. It's easy to work. I just have to adjust to the "memory stick." (nice name)

The two books are criminal justice stuff. One is about how to solve a murder and the second relates to the A-Z list of murderers and crimes. EWWWWWWW NASTY. This book is already giving me nightmares and I'm not sleeping yet.

The book describes serial murderers, their crimes, and key words like "cannibalism," "homosexuality," "Sex crimes," and other 'not for children' topics. THIS book I'm going to hide from my kids. It's damned creepy.

ANyways, I'm going to bed. 3 MORE DAYS!! Woohoo mentor waved the mentoring fees and instead wants lunch. I'll wash her car AND buy her lunch as opposed to paying 1/2 my paycheck for nothing done.

Sounds like a good alternative. :)

Tah tah for now.


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