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10:15 p.m. - 2001-06-19
One More Day of Bloody Hell

1 day and counting

Ok, one day to go and I'm scott free...literally.

I graded my finals ONLY to discover that the seniors' semester final grades were miscalculated. IN other words, I didn't "follow" the formula. (I did mention that I'm not math smart, right?) So, I redid it. Meanwhile, the seniors practiced for graduation. Unbeknowst (sp) to me, I under-whatevered the grade for Mr. Pain-in-the-ass and he should've failed it. But, I'm stupid, and mathematically retarded. Fortunately, I only had to fudge it .3 instead of a whole number. Failing for us is a 64 or less. He was 64.2. I don't think I did a bad thing, I just am sick of him and his family. Who needs to find out that they are suing me for misinforming their lil darling? Fuck em. I want him to leave. .3 won't break me, I hope.

Speaking of breaking me... those damned sophomores tried, and failed. I was the target of, "did you grade MY final yet????" all day. My response was, "Final? What final?" (and then I took off and hid.)

I have 2 finals tomorrow. First final is filled w/ mainstreamed kids who annoy the living hell outta me (cept for one who doesn't belong IN that class). 2 hours of "Huh? I don't get THIS question *whine whine*"

God grant me the strength to not dump them out the window.

Here's a goofy policy during finals that our illustrious administration came up with. Anyone who has to use the lil boy/girl's room during a final must be escorted by an administrator. Yep. That means, I have to FIND one first, then wait an hour for their arrival before sending them to take the kids to the potty room. Meaning.....male admin taking girl to potty means not good time for male admin. Suckers.

They haven't answered their phones, btw.

I haven't called either.

I make them hold it because I'm mean and bitter. (Not sure how I became bitter, but ok, it works.)

Another retarded thing...

They fired a special ed teacher so that they could:

a. afford a curriculum coordinating VP (aka the former biology teacher)

b. afford NEW computers for the administration (you'd think they'd be satisfied w/ the old ones)

c. hire a NEW biology teacher


d. probably pay for the principal to take a nice vacation somewhere warm.

The principal will be both the superintendent AND principal next year, leaving all that extra money open for discussion. Where is it going, I wonder?

Not in MY pocket, be sure of that. Nothing's in my pocket atm except for lint and an old mint prolly from the 2nd marking period.

I also got my contract for adjuncting this summer. $1,500 for the 6 weeks. $1,5*fucking*00.00 Lemme tell you, I make that in 2 weeks of full-time.

I guess it'll work out. I just hope I sell the SAturn before then. It's still sitting in my yard, uninspected and dirty. I feel like a freaking redneck. Maybe I should put it on blocks or something. Maybe throw a toilet or something next to it for affect.

What do you think?


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