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12:13 p.m. - Saturday, Sept. 15, 2001

A lil gift can really make ya smile

Last night, I had to work my last show of the season (not that we've had a lot of shows or anything). It was a somber event for a while... our EMS workers sponsored their annual fund-raising show. (They sent 4 EMS ppl to Jersey City to help tend to the wounded, they arrived during the show.)

The ticket manager let me know that there was a package for me at the booth. Unsure who would send me anything there, I wander down there. En route, many things run thru my mind.....(nothing bad, tho)

When I arrive, I'm handed this padded envelope. Inside was the biggest, furriest, cutest headband w/ EEYORE EARS. Also, inside this envelope, was a eeyore scrunchie and a note. The note was a thank you from a family who would frequent the shows earlier in the season (with their 4 yr old daughter...who is soooooooooo cute). Their daughter would always be wearing this cute piglet hat w/ ears. I would take her hat and wear it during the show (well, dammit, i can be a dork if i wanna... i'm not ashamed).

Well....these folks went to Disney in Cali recently. The package was mailed on Sept 10th.

I put on the ears, laughing (which felt good....I hadn't done that in days), and walked back to the tent (up the hill and downt he path). I get closer to the tent and I notice that the EMS and my staff are cracking up and pointing at me. What I had forgotten, while in my joyous state, was that I STILL HAD THE EARS ON.

We all had a nice laugh, and amidst the requests to WEAR IT ALL NIGHT, I made my way to my car to put it away.

What a wonderful jesture. I'm going to write them a lengthy thank you ... I don't know if they realize how much that lil gift meant to me this week.



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