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3:47 p.m. - Monday, Oct. 22, 2001
A gift for me... the MOTHERLOAD

when you thought all hope was lost...

and you're feeling lower than low...

people you care about send you jokes in their g/books (*winks*) and bring you candy to work.

One of my seniors came into my room before homeroom today and said, "Hi Mrs._______. I have something for you." (Thinking it was stuff for her presentation tomorrow) I said..."Oh, for your presentation? Let me see." And she smiled and said, "Nope. My parents work at __&__ and I brought something in for you." (At this point, I was wondering what kinda guinea pig stuff they were going to try out on me.) She hands me this BIG BOX of all ___&___ candies that she had her parents bring home for ME. She told me that I hadn't been myself lately and she thought this would cheer me up.


Needless to say, I'm hoarding it all for myself.

(I did thank her profusely, btw after asking her if she was sure. "Sure I'm sure." was the response. Ok, she's sure.)

Later that day, I was telling this story to an English teacher-former-vp-of-our-middle-school and her eyes lit up and she said,

"OOOOOH yeah i'm coming up to your room later for candy..." quick as she responded, I replied with,

"OOOOOOOOOH no you're not. Its mine all mine."

(insert laugh mode)

Then...quicker than I replied she retorted w/ this...

"Well, I know her and I'm going to make her get me one, too."


That sucked. Here the kid was being nice to me, when I needed someone to be nice, and this woman totally puts the kabash on it.

I responded in shock... " was a gift, I never asked for a thing."

ANd I left it like that.I'm not nervy in any sense of the word, not a beggar, I mean. Needless to say, I'm regretting telling her about it to begin with. I hope she has enough sense to NOT embarass me by begging her for candy.

ANd, in the end...




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