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9:53 p.m. - Sunday, Dec. 30, 2001
Instability makes ya stupid

Suicide is for the Weak...

As quoted by a self-absorbed attention seeker at a forum I occassionally post at. This is in response to someone stating that they've been gone so long because of depression and suicidal tendencies.

Well... since I put my two-cents in, this individual (the reason for this entry) has stated that she thought about suicide for 15 seconds. Then, in order to curb her comment herself, she writes, "and suicide is for the WEAK..the weak."


Its hard to explain, or even begin to explain, the personality of this individual. But, after reading sociological texts all day, I'm really going on a wire with this one... she's a heartless, senseless bitch.

Yep, competition for me, I guess. But at least I wouldn't tell someone to just "do it," as opposed to getting them help. This mental wizard also stated that if someone claims they WILL commit suicide, that it really means they won't and its just an attention-getter. On the contrary, I posted, you just never know, and statistically, people who say they'll do it will usually TRY to.

Which brings me back to the story...

My "net friend" has been MIA for 2 years now. She was going through a difficult time and was very depressed (like, the medication type of depression, not the "blues"). She even contemplated (if not attempted) suicide to rid herself of the pain. (Would I agree that suicide is for the weak? Have you ever been in that position? I haven't, so I can't judge whether or not it IS a decision that cowards make (as she aptly called those who think about and do it).


This friend comes back to the forum and posts that she's back and was sorry for the long time gone. She then, which I never would do here because an occassional element (such as the flamboyant pain in the ass) berates you. I told the pain in the ass, via post, that she needs to exhibit a little self-control with this issue and perhaps a bit of ... what we say where I'm from... sensitivity and maturity... regarding the situation.

Well... just as I expected, little miss-legs-wide-open (as far as I'm concerned, when you post about all the "guys" you've done... you've earned the coveted title) makes herself look like an ass.

That used to be the reason I'd go into chat. To make fun of the assholes trying to be funny.

She's not funny, nor sensitive.

So, anywho...

I'm not done w/ her yet... but I wanted to state a fact ...

When a person says they're going to kill themselves, TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY. Sometimes you don't get a warning (as in the case of a good friend of mine who put a shotgun in his mouth one day and blew his brains out). At least when you can circumvent the problem, by at least bringing it to someone's attention, you can get the help these people are craving for but are too afraid to ask.


Needless to say... I'm going to have some fun with the mindless one and see what trouble I can stir up.

If I don't post.... have a Happy 2001 (for those of you already preparing for this momentus occassion... HAVE A DRINK ON ME (well not literally)....)

Tah tah for now....

see ya next year, perhaps.


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