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04:16 p.m. - 3-20-2001
What Gives??

HEY, What Gives??

First of all, what gives with the Diaryland allowance to open this site?

(*bows to the almighty Diaryland gods*)

Ok, so now that I'm allowed BACK in, I've got things to gripe about. First of all, what the hell gives with the men of this world? Better yet, what the HELL gives with the WOMEN of this world? Freakin people, I swear.

Second of all, what in the HELL was the Almighty Whoever thinking when he created stupid people? Yeah, I know, stupid people are here for our entertainment. SOMETIMES. Might I remind you that its STUPID people who cause car accidents, its STUPID people who run into the poles at drive-in banks. Its also stupid people make excuses to get out of problems THEY create!


I'm so fed up.

That's it for now.


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