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1:12 p.m. - 2001-04-06
Once again I'm blessed

Check it out!!

Amazing...when I'm not home, the stupid thing works.

Maybe I should write more from work, where my creative energies are squelched occassionally by the throngs of eager students who actually WANT TO LEARN.

(then she woke up)

Geez, could this day go any slower? I'm sitting here hating my job, wanting to go home. I've learned this first year to make sure that I make different tests for everyone...because, folks, your kids are sneaky in fact, that they got info on the WRONG test. Sucks to be them, I guess.

I wish I had a test scrambler, it would make my job easier. Then I wouldn't have to sit at my computer at night (because it cuts into my tv time), to figure out how to stump them.

Speaking of *them*...

I decided to use them against one another. How? By putting a lil trash can w/ lid on my desk filled w/ chocolate that they couldn't have...UNLESS, I deemed their attitude and avoidance of annoying me excellent & worthy of candy.

That's my version of bribery.

They'll do my bidding for a tiny piece of chocolate.

ONE class had to suck it. They got nada. I hate whiners, and they all constituted whining of some sort. Muhahaha

Somedays I totally hate kids.

And this is my first year, go figure.

So, now I'm not only counting down the minutes, seconds and HOUR (literally...1 hour 8minutes to go) until spring break, but I'm also counting down the hours til I drive to the big ole airport to pickup my friend (Shells) from Fla. Poor thing, it'll be cold and rainy on her first visit up north.

(WHY NJ, other than to visit me, I'll never understand....:) but I'm happy bout it tho.)


queen of the post, shall reign until today. Once she arrives, she doesn't reign anymore. (Sorry babe, them's the tidbit of info first before I go.

Easter was intended initially to be a pagan holiday for fertility. SO, when you buy bunnies for your kids,, illegitimate babies, and fur-balls.


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