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10:27 a.m. - 2001-04-09
Arrival, Gate 84, Part 1

she has arrived!

Tis spring break, it has arrived, and I'm gladder than glad that those lil mongrols aren't in my house visiting w/ me for a week. As a matter of fact, one of em is bugging my do I make them go away? (Besides the obvious, turning it off?)

So, I decided to post an away message on is "IT IS SPRING BREAK, I AM OFF DUTY!" Do you think it'll work? NOPE. But at least I get to be mean and not have to hear them whine in retaliation.


I was reading KellyK's diary (she left a message in my g/b) about her neighbor and the hotwater heater. WELL...let me tell you, I plan on going OUT today to get some sort of digital camera. Why? Because my neighbors have a sparkling bright baby blue toilet sitting on their lawn.'s been there a week.

What is it about these people? I know I'm not down south, but my state (particularly in my area) is known for it's pseudo-rednecks. (Sorry, Shells...I didn't mean part YOU'RE from.)


I look outside, and what do my wonderous eyes do appear? But one big baby blue sparkling toilet is present amongst brown and dark gray (apparently, Shells said my state is brown, as opposed to her state which is in a perpetual state of GREEN (to me, her state smells like sewer, but that's my opinion)...(she smelled the air surrounding the airport and stated that "your state smells" as we stood near the construction men who were on YET ANOTHER coffee break. Lovely. 10 seconds in my state and she already knows how to insult it in front of witnesses.

Back to the toilet. My life's goal is to make sure that it A) is promptly removed, or B) hung from their tree w/ lights on it. Why? Well, if it's gonna be OUT there, the least it could do is look semi-attractive.

Besides the toilet, I have a big-cut-down-dead-tree sitting in my nextdoor neighbor's yard waiting for removal. Apparently one month is part of the waiting period for it to either rot or be chewed for mulch w/ the big mulch truck. I think my town suddenly realised that work requires some effort. At first I thought it was because EVERYONE was related to one another....*hears the theme from Deliverance in the background* or because of the state road crew's guy does the work, 6 stand around drinking coffee....this way work never runs out. (I'm glad we only pay them by the hour...I'd hate to think what they did for daily wages.)

Ok, well it's come to my conclusion that my browsers hate me (both IE5 and NET6) because I don't stroke their egos enough. At school, I can post fifteen times a day (but then, it would be considered a call for help). (Get out of that what you will.)

So, my goal for the week is to effectively HIDE my schtuff from the frothing lil mongrols (not mine OWN, but my students) and let them think I'm on an exotic island sipping alcohol from a straw while men fan me w/ big palm leaves and tell me how utterly beautiful I am. (*aaaaah* Ok! It's my fantasy, ok??)

Til then... Tah tah


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