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2:09 a.m. - 2001-04-11
Midnight at the OK Corral

Dollbabies and sleepless nights

That's a great title for a book, no? If only I HAD a book to write w/ that title attached to it. And, if I did, what would it say? Men can be cute, but shit if they're worth keepin? Men can be cute, but if you let them outta your site, they hump whatever?

Who knows. But the title is catchy.


Shells and I just worked this poor guy up and now he's off to sleep. Or, supposed sleep. Poor dollbaby. He is really cute. So, I therefore dedicate this and the former post to him.

M's Post Because We Love Him

and because he's too damned cheap to fly up and see us tonite

because I'm too damned broke to pay for him

because it costs $900 TO GET HIS ASS HERE

so, we relinquish m's responsibility to fly out tonite. But, we shall settle for tomorrow. :)

Well, it's 2:13 am (EST) and we're trying to see who is up so we can to them. The next step is to get into chat ( to harass the unwitting...the stupid yet sarcastic...the slow-minded...and the one-handed typers. Why? Because they're there, and we're fiesty tonite.

Yes, we are.

And, we're still up because no man is home.

And, since we've started our stalking of WILLING males (innocently), my grade book (b/c I had good intentions to grade but was sidetracked) is still sitting on the shit all over waiting to be marked up.

But, have I done anything about it?



Because, my students write like neanderthals. Yes, they may seem like modern humans, but they write w/ their feet, think w/ their asses, and process material like a shredder. And they are MINE ALL MINE. Ain't I the lucky one?



I no speaka to them on-line, and when they message me, I tell them I'm off-duty. Yey me.

Anyways...we're off to do someone's night. :) (NOT IN THAT pervs)



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