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5:19 p.m. - 2001-04-24
Birthday Shit

Nearly my bday

I swear, every year since '98 I've missed celebrating my bday. Why? Because everything that could possibly happen, happens ON my bday AND my anniversary (both within 2 days of one another).

This year, I have games all week (I coach and my son plays...), meetings, the prom (yes, we're going to the prom...yeah yippie fucking skippie) and my infamous GRE looming over me for Saturday (among a plethera of kiddie parties, all of whom could go suck eggs for all I care)... and that's my week THIS YEAR.

Next year, someone's bound to die, since that's what happens on or around my bday every alternate year. Promising, isn't it?


And, I know that its going to suck...again. I get sad knowing that I'm getting oldER and not very wise, and having my bday pass by and no one acknowledging it (except for a few online friends), really hurts.


why am I whining? Well, because I can.

I need to vent. I hate having to be "put off" for a week. I love my bday (not the number, just the gift-receiving part) because people FINALLY refrain from giving me recycled shit that they usually give me for Xmas. My sister-in-law finally stopped requesting that I "share" my bday w/ her child, and my parents have resorted to giving me money (not bad, but I hate not being surprised), not to mention that no matter what I do for others, they ALWAYS tend to forget when its my bday. So, I enter another year of disappointment. Dammit all to hell. I was hopeful that this would be a better bday, but it doesn't appear to be.

And, to have my bday ON the day of the prom ...*sigh* well, that totally sucks. I am "sharing" my bday w/ a student at school who is a senior. She's been on this mad count-down for months now, once she realized we had the same bday. I like her, so she's forgiven. I'm contemplating bringing her flowers to the prom just because of that. :) (Cuz I have my nice moments.)

Then, another thing that's bothering me this week. This fucking out of the ordinary heat wave which has struck my state. What gives w/ this sticky, humid, bee-bringing nasty shit?? I'm tired of feeling skeevy, sweaty, irritable, and nasty. I come home from work (b/c we're not wealthy nor smart enough to install a/c units....tho I just LOVE how the administration all have central air...and two or three classrooms. Someone's sucking something here...)

And, everything bothers me this week.

I am pissed at sweating, I hate my body(yeah yeah yeah), I hate that I have nothing to wear to this prom (NO I will not succumb to poofy pink fluffy strapless dresses), I've been binge eating this week (stress?), and swearing a lot more than usual.

Not to mention that my butt is the size of a small nation. (*sighs*)

Anyways, although I've vented, I don't feel better. I feel crankier and sweatier....even tho my basement is cooler and that's where I chose to go online. *Sighs*

Happy B-Day to me.



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