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9:48 a.m. - 2001-05-19
Graduation Heat

UGH Lower the Volume

I'm hungover, so don't expect anything intellectual.

My friends are graduating college today. It shall be proven a crazy day. (whatever that means)

**Delayed disclaimer: I might not make sense. Oh well.**

Ok, back to the diary-thingamabob.

I realized several things last night.

1. My graduation day seems so long ago (it was LAST May)

2. Even tho I hated my college (lame lame lame, but local), I realized that it impacted my life (good bad indifferent)

3. I have WAY too many friends 10 yrs or more younger than me. (hehe, keeps me young)

4. If you have more than 4 coronas in a row, you get this wicked aftertaste that lasts til morning.

5. After 6 Coronoas, it hurts to think about last night.

but most of all...

6. 8 Coronas give you headache, bad taste, and the distinct suspicion that you missed/forgot something last night. (hmm)

So, now, hungover, I shall go get ready to get over there for graduation... I was forewarned that around the announcement of the "K" names, I should turn around and look at one of the buildings. Apparently, something is going to happen. Apparently, the LAX guys are finally graduating some of their own. Apparently, its not a skywriter, balloonist, fireworks, or a fat naked drunk frat guy bungyjumping off the building. Its supposed to be ONE UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT. Myluck, I'll forget to look and miss the whole thing.

My friend M and I are going today together. We're both hung over. I told her we could bring a blanket, sit next to the graduates w/ a picnic lunch and taunt them. (sounded better last night)

Tho...the chance for rain was a mere 30%, the graduates will be sitting in 80+ direct sunlight fo 3 hours. WOOOOBOY. Did that last year. I earned MY sunstroke/burn/dehydration. Black attracts light. Just so you know. (Ugh)

So, I got my friend a handfan for her big day. She laughed and asked me why I gave her that. I said b/c the black cap, gown, and cape will make you sweat badly, and the fact that she will need to stay cool so she doesn't pass out on stage as she gets her diploma is my primary concern.

I don't remember WHAT I did once I got ON stage. I do recall some dance or arm-thing and lots of screaming (mom, "MY BABY! MY BABY'S GRADUATING!")

(By the way, she mugged me as I exited the stage...I was not only sweaty but teared on...hehe)

(Then the rent-in-law mugged me just as mom did, which pissed off mom...b/c I'M her baby. LOL)


Graduation seemed so far away. The college kinda screwed up this year's graduation week. No alumni dinner for the graduates. The dance last night was nearly empty (We filled the tables and it was, by far, the rowdiest dance they ever had.), the food wasn't as good, and they RAN OUT OF BEER.

Which is fine w/ me.

Never let them see you puke, is my motto.

Welp...I must shower and presentable.

Til later.

Tah tah


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