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8:09 p.m. - 2001-05-25
Fridays at the O'K Corral

OK enough already

I want school over now!!

We had a big fight in the hallway (two boys are hard to break up, like two dogs fighting.... I went to look for a firehose....but alas, found none).

THe female teacher who "dove on in" to break it up now goes by the nickname, "Spiderwoman." IF you saw her in action, you'd know why. I called the office and broke up the crowd.

My heart raced for 1/2 a class period.

What a way to start the day, huh?

And, I'm tired of the "Rich kid" giving me grief 8th period (now that's NOT how I want to END the day).

He is a snob and a pain in the butt. I had to call the VP to calm me down (I took a rudimentary time out before I slaughtered him verbally). He's a tattletale (he runs to his mommy).....and he's a senior. Talk about fodder... the kids in class call his bluff and give him the nonsense i want to give him. (Like, "crybaby" and "how old ARE you now?")

It's better than if I would do it. I wouldn't be so nice. Because I'm sick of his mouth...daily...always having to have the final thoughts/answers. I let him have them, but the kids get their revenge...and sickly enough (I know I know) it satisfies me.

3 weeks til the end of school

1 week of lessons left


1 week of review


1 week of finals


I used some skills I learned yesterday....TODAY.

I walked out when mr. i'm a senior and an asshole began his mouthiness and called the VP.

I told him I can't take the kid anymore and I need to talk it out before I say something I will regret.

He let me. I felt better. And, I smiled big and wide for that brat the rest of the class (inbetween glares).

But... at least we all agree on one thing (don't hate me for this)

Our kids aren't the "prettiest" in the county. Honest to God. It must be all the inbreeding or something. The h.s. in my town has far prettier people w/ nicer attitudes. We have the dirty rotten kids who are mean and rude. BUT I give them all my lovin (not physically) b/c they are people too.

It was also brought to my attention that we also don't have the prettiest faculty (cept D and T who are the school male hotties.....and b/c they're single and in their 20s they qualify for the stopping heart awards....and don't think I don't remind them of it daily.) *Grins*

I may not be gorgeous, but I have wit. It's all I have. Just don't say I have a "nice" personality.

Because I don't.

I'm mean.

Or, I strive to be.


Ok, I'm gonna work on my final. Thanks to Mr. Mouth, the class will not get a takehome exam as part of their finals ("I want two days notice..." "I will not do it and you have to let me do it later..."). Let them sort his dead body out of the locker room. Everyone's had it w/ him, including the faculty.

I told him to, "Just get out and graduate."


Much better than what I mumbled under my breath (something about him being a....)

I realized that I'm not only stressed, frazzled and cranky (reason for #3), but I'm also edgy.

I love teaching.

I just don't love my first year. (Bleh)

Next year...

it should be better


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