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8:25 p.m. - 2001-05-29
Sunshiny day


And, that's how my weekend went. All except for Sunday. I worked my summer job (I know, its early, but hey... it's money, right?) all day in the rain. I work at an outdoor event, so I tend to get wet. Tho it was raining, I managed to stay INDOORS. *aaaaaah* Tho I dealt w/ the cold dampness of a rainy Sunday, I was DRYISH. (If that's even a WORD)

I know, I haven't posted in a few days. How unlike me. Tis a shame, really. I've caught up on SOME of the sleep of which I was deprived of all year.

Speaking of year......MY SCHOOL YEAR IS NEAR AN END.


I'm still trying to get my schtick together so I end like a champ (or a less confused first year teacher who has done things on the slide because she didn't KNOW any better...)

Speaking of... I blew it today w/ the book check for Friday. I told the kids (and this is what I was told, honest to God) that they would have to turn in their books on Friday. My problem is this: I speak my mind, no matter who hears it. I then said, "Man, that's a stupid rule."

Ok, if you've ever been in a classroom...even for a day, you'd KNOW NEVER TO SAY THAT. Why? Because it's fodder for the fire. I just handed them the logs to which they burned the BIGGEST bonfire I've ever seen.

And, you'd think I'd learn.


So, I let them vent. Hell, I've done it plenty.

I even BARGAINED with them, something I was told never to do. But, I promise, I have their interest in mind and its my LAST desperate plea for motivation.

I told them, if they were good for my subs, I would let them sit whereever they wanted.....PROVIDED (gotta love clauses) they behaved for ME too. Ok, there WAS a but...

Today, they were faaaaaah-bul-us. Not just good, not just really good, they were FAB. And, that's probably because I showed them a video and will be showing them it for the next week. (Then come reviews, then finals....I've got my end of year right where I wanted it!!)

What are we watching? Well, since I've managed to make it to the Civil War.....I'm showing them "Gettysburg" (tho, it was a strong toss up between this and "Andersonville" which by far was equally as great)

And, to my amazement....the BOYS and the girls....wanted to watch the REST OF


my all-time favoritist movie ever to Braveheart and a few others listed in my profile.

So, that shocked me.

But they were good, all except K. The 8th period senior w/ the BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG MOUTH. He exuded his ignorance today, but I let it slide. Why? Because I had a gooooooooooooooood day.

One every 100 days isn't so bad, eh?


Ok, more later....I need to write my reviews for tomorrow.


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