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7:41 p.m. - 2001-06-03
My baby

my baby's getting bigger

My lil one turned 7 today. *siiiiighs* I'm getting older. THe old stick is smacking me hard and I'm feeling the creaks and groans of old age (hardly). I need to stop over-exerting myself. Everytime I do, I feel older. I remember when he was born. He looked like Mr. Magoo. He was bald w/ puffy eyes that didn't open for a LONNNNNNNNG time (so it felt). When he was 9 months old he had this infectious cackle (still does). I love my baby. Even tho he's not a baby anymore.


I worked my first reaaaaaaaaaal festival of the year today with a guy I've known for 2 years. He's a player and never ceases to amaze me. HE STILL HITS ON ME, even tho I trash him. Why do I trash him? Long story, but lemme tell you...any guy who has 4 girlfriends on the side and wont totally commit to any of them is worthy of my trashing. To top it off, I don't think they KNOW about one another, hence ... MORE trashing.

And still... he comes back for more. Will he ever learn?

I hate being a number. Even tho I'm not his g/f. Thank GOD I'm not. I'm glad I don't have to deal w/ that. I'd have to kill him (literally) b/c I couldn't deal w/ his inconsistency.

I could like him. He's my type. But I'm not available and that's that. And, unfortunately, while single, I picked the assholes. Tho he's polite and can be a charmer, he's a latent asshole. Thereby, worthy of the thrashing again. Just for all the women he's used.

Enough said of that.

Jumbalaya is spicy and good. So good that I still taste it. (I worked a crawfish festival....alligator sausage, creole rice, and craaaaaawfish.) Ever eat Crawfish? They are whole, meaning... head, legs, antennas, the whole shabang. I tried them last year and let me tell ya something....THEY ARE GROSS. First you tear them in 1/2 (barbaric at best), swoosh out the gooey gross stuff and by the time you get to the "meat" it's a thimble or less in size and you've spent the past 5 minutes trying to get to it. The stink it leaves on your fingers and hands is nauseating (sp) and the disappointment in getting only a mouthful after tearing apart 500 of them is just frustrating. I'd rather take a cow and dissect it by hand, using only a plastic knife. At least there's MEAT on the damned thing.

And yes, I avoided those this year like the plague.

I guess I got sick from them last year because of that gross smell, plus extreme sunburn (yes, you DO get sunburned by standing in the cloudiness), and exhaustion from working 2 days (10 hours each). This weekend I only worked 1 day (9 hours) because I'm not yet finished w/ school.

SPeaking of school...the official countdown is 2 1/2 weeks. (Nevermind the days.....I believe I have (of my own) 7 days until the finals begin. I'm still showing Gettysburg, which the kids either sleep through or enjoy. THere's never anything they like. Tho I did find a stupid Wilderness INdian flick from the 70's that some psuedo-Disney company produced about some native america whose wife was killed by the "white man." The kids dug that one. Go figure.

Tho, the boys DID enjoy Gone w/ the Wind. I hear there's a parody about it out.....I can't recall the name. I'm insulted. Tho parts of GWTW can be humdrum, the whole movie is interesting. I also liked Andersonville (more 80ish or so), and would have preferred to show that, but alas....Gettysburg is what they get.


That's about it. I'm tired. My son's bday party w/ his friends yielded 6 out of 21 kids invited (only 8 responses btw) and one of the 6 being the spawn of satan himself. I would write about this child, but I'd prefer to see his mother's tubes tied. She WOULD'VE stayed, but her OLDER son (I believe he's 9) was JEALOUS that his brother was at a bday party and she took him to play miniature golf. Can you spell SPOILED? Twice?

Ok, later. I need a nap or something.



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