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12:05 p.m. - 2001-06-09

All better

Ok, I feel better. No more angst towards those of the male gender (sorta). I'm rested (so to speak) and not as sore. My girls' softball game lasted until 9pm (no ump, so we had to scour for our own), and unfortunately, we lost by over 20 runs.

Ouch, huh?

But, I have moved on. I cleaned my house, I'm doing laundry, I went out to buy myself lunch, and I have NO ONE home. IT's peaceful. The stress of the final days of school is really getting to me. I'm cranky, I don't sleep well, I'm anxious/tired/annoyed/sad...etc.

I'm told this is normal for a first year teacher. Is it?

Right now, I'm chatting w/ a freshman on IM. She's a sweet kid, and I kinda feel badly for her. Kids pick on her, even tho there's nothing wrong w/ her, other than her LOVE of history...which at this h.s. is rare. I was hoping to have accelerated kids but I doubt that will ever happen. Not until Mr. Cranky retires. I have to get a "Masters" before I teach accelerated. I'm tired of kids being unmotivated and uncaring about their subject. I have 3 kids who strive against ALL odds in my US I classes. I want MORE of them.

I may have my wish.

THe majority of the honors kids have signed up for my Behavioral Science course. I need to make it more interesting. I need to KNOW more about Psychology (which I don't know much about, but have had classes.... I love teaching things I have no clue about)...Which is why I incorporated soc and criminal justice into that course.

It seems more balanced.

Hopefully one day I can ditch the BS part and teach straight criminal justice courses. I have a degree in it, and the only one in the dept. who does. Do I stand a chance? If I play my cards right, in 20 years I may have my wish.


Anyways....I need advice. I'm struggling w/ getting everything done before June 20th. My finals are finished, but need to be photocopied. My grades are nearly done. I am cleaning OUT the garbage from my desk. I've taken the videos home that I bought. I'm taking my supplementary stuff home (that I bought). I even organized 2 study dates next week, 1 hour each, for kids to come in (US I) so they can study together.

I've taught them how to make flash cards. I've showed them study techniques to help them remember (hopefully they do). I don't know what else, aside of a know what I mean, to help them finish the year off well.


Ok, better.

I'm frustrated.

any advice?


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