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11:04 a.m. - 2001-06-22
Fridays are for suckers

Search for Atlantis, Travel Irons, and something to stop the pain

First of all, I'm bored. Have I mentioned how bored I am? I'm incredibly bored. I'm so bored that I woke up at 6am this morning and stayed WIDE AWAKE. Its probably because my neck and shoulder STILL hurt, but moreso my ceratonine (sp) hasn't recognized summer vacation. Same thing happened yesterday. This sucks.

I went back to school (sucker) today to take care of the thing I didn't do. I woke up at 6am, wide awake, thinking...shit, I left out 9 textbooks and forgot to put away my stuff from classroom #2. So, I bided my time until the secretaries were in the office and grubbed a master key (which, bitch meister secretary ordered me to return immediately). I went up to the room, unlocked it, unlocked the book closet and sent #1 son to return the key to the keymonger secretary. A student takes a master key and she's not as strict w/ our keys until we turn them in and forget to pick something up outta our room. (Something like that)

My kids and I are going to see Atlantis: The Lost Empire today. I know, I know. Everytime I see a Don Bluth or Disney cartoon based on something historical, my panties knot up. Being a history teacher EVERY cartoon so far, I have checked into. I know Disney's motive. Make history seem fun. But, what they tend to forget it that historical interpretation is the most important. Its also something that they've neglected to follow by the "book." I would LOVE to know where they get their information from. That's just another project for me to delve into ... maybe later.

So, I decided that since dog groomers are blacklisting me, that I would groom my own dog officially. I have a hairy shih tzu. She resembles a muppet at the moment. She doesn't even look like a dog. She's looking...well...hairy. I tried cutting her hair w/ scissors only. NEVER AGAIN. I don't trust groomers. (The ones I've dealt with, let me emphasize that before the NGoA go after me with blood in their eyes.) The ones I've used have cut my dog or did a terrible job (and didn't follow my instructions on how I want her to look). So, now I am ROPED into this. I go to the dog supply place to discover that dog clippers (i.e. are the same as people clippers except for the doggie pic on the label, so the clerk told me) run between $100 and $200 per. Ok, what's that about? I will NOT buy clippers for anything more than $30. So, I take his advice and goto Eckert to pick up some clippers. Now the prices were more affordable ($20-30 per), but which do I choose? The cordless w/ one attachment which shifts to 7 settings? Or, the big one w/ the cord that has 8 interchangeable parts and a carry bag? Or, should I get the one that has a video to show me how to cut hair?

Whoa, one second. I have cut the hair of my husband and two sons. Sometimes, I cut dad's, too. I know how to (not licensed tho), but am not good w/ a dog who HAS people hair. I swear to all that's fuzzy and green. She has double layer people hair, not dog hair. her hair is soft and smooth and not textured like regular doggie hair. Kinda easy to cut, but it makes me sneeze like a fiend.

ANyways, so I told the mighty man of the house that he has to hold her still so I could inflict the dreaded "clippers of destruction" to her mop. He flinched. I told him it was his fault for not making an appointment (he can call during the day, I can not). So, he must suffer alongside me.

And, after the dog comes the boys and the man. Now there's a line for a cut. Oh well. I'm going to put a tip cup out and see what I can score.

I know the boys will pay me a quarter or two each.

But, the man best pay more.



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