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2:06 p.m. - 2001-07-06
Nevilles and the Boys

Nevilles and the boys

Last night was the first concert of our summer series. Apparently, this summer's theme is the "Summer of Blues"...or so I've named it. Why? Well because every concert (or just about all of them) are blues music.

Last night the Neville Brothers played our venue. OMG Aaron Neville (who recently hit the big 5-0) is stacked.....he has pec muscles that would put a well-endowed woman to shame.

His arms are bigger than my head. It would've seemed sexy if it weren't for the TIGHT RED VINYL SHIRT he was sporting. UGH! But, alas, the funniest thing I heard all night was towards the end of the show. Two teenage boys were leaving and in their excitement told their other friend that this was "way cooler than Nellie." Man, Nellie wouldn't like that, now would he?


I also busted 7 underage drinkers who were *bright* enough to drink their beer in front of the tent area (that's where the concerts are) and in plain view of me and my security boys. So, I casually walk over and said, "Now I know you folks aren't even close to 21. Show me your id's."

They mumbled, twitched and gave up the beer. (one girl wanted to finish it, but the security guy told her if she did, she and her friends were gone for the night.) I ventured over to the beer tent to inform the workers and security there that ALL ID'S must be checked. Apparently, the one kid said he knew the beer boss and they gave them beer. But, not just 1 or 2, as standard kid had 3. So, they were cut off along w/ another older gentleman who supplied some of them w/ the beer. He's lucky the cops there don't do a thing to any law breakers, or he'd receive a can of whoopass.

They only wrestle down drunk biker chicks.

Honest to all that's holy.

They even made the paper once...but that's another story.

I met my new bosses last night. The chief is cool. He's tall, handsome and athletic, and hails from Co. (All hail Colorado) His assistant is well, very NYish...enough about that. The assistant to the dwarf (ah hem) is tall and cute too. Damn being married sometimes... I work among nice handsome men and I can't touch. That's ok, I'd rather not date anyone I work with. Never did, never would. Bad kharma if you break up. Or, at least uncomfortable at best.


I'm in an extremely GOOD mood. *Grins smiles giggles*

Have a good day, I'll post soon


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