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4:36 p.m. - 2001-08-16
End of College, too

I'm back

I'm slowly calming. I think. Everytime I think about it, I get upset again. I think I cried for 10 more seconds over getting the big hairy shaft AGAIN.


I wanted to post about my relief to be done w/ that whole college teaching thing. *NEVER* again. To make sure I stick to that, I've posted it on my walls. "NEVER BELITTLE YOURSELF FOR A SEGMENT FOR YOUR RESUME EVER AGAIN"

I hope I don't lose the paper.

Actually, I think I'll remember the angst of this summer. The first summer I'd have off that I only was able to spend (by Labor Day weekend) 2 1/2 weeks OFF and now I'm in bitch-mode for the fall.

Tsk tsk...never again

I've acquired an accelerated class for the fall (unless they decide to take that from me, too), the ONLY thing I look forward to doing. They get the new textbooks because I know they'll take care of them. (If I can't have my own room, then I'll take the goddamn brandy new textbooks that I took the time to order.)

I've also decided to keep to myself 1st marking period. I shall stew in private, shall I. I don't get a private prep tho, so this might be hard to do.

(Think Think)

I've also become accustomed to getting up by a certain time to get to "work." Since that ended yesterday, I slept in til 9am. I have to break myself of *that* habit or I'm doomed come Sept.

I'm supposed to go out w/ my friend tonite. I don't feel up to it *curses, foiled again* so I'll see if she wants to come over and hang out.

Why pay to listen to me whine? I'll supply the drinks for free.


Make notice of my "note leaving" option on the main page. Andrew-god-of-diaryland has graciously left that for us (I think it was supposed to go on the main page...hope i didn't screw THAT up).


maybe a nap will do it for me

who knows



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