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6:01 p.m. - Monday, Oct. 15, 2001
Being an adult

Being an Adult sometimes the H-A-R-D-E-S-T thing to do. Especially, when people expect it from you. I've been doing a lot of griping lately and have lost sight of several things.

a. Reading is relaxing (when you don't have to do it for work)

b. I don't have to *live* my career

c. If I hide effectively, only guidance can still find me.

d. Honors kids rock (personality, charisma, and their annoying whining about +/-1 point)

e. Non-honors kids are totally FUNNY (don't ask, I won't tell)

f. I really want a quiet cubicle with a computer and paperwork, and that's it. No kids. No administration. No guidance (grrr). No ex-mentor trouble-makers. No "wannabe your friend but I'd rather tell everyone about you to make me look better" friends.

No excessive union fees, fundraisers, whining that we're a broke district.

and, this is what I want to hear:

a. a compliment every so often.

b. thankful parents who TELL US THANK YOU every so often.

c. a thankful administration

d. teachers that help each other (not into early graves either)

and, this is my reality:

a. I complain way too much

b. My expectations are supposedly TOO high

c. Not enough free time to breathe

d. Suckass school-friends

e. Administration that makes me feel as tho I'm drowning

f. Guidance hounds (no need to explain)

g. Stress

h. Lack of sleep

i. Feelings of immense guilt for not spending more time w/ my own kids

and... what I want to discuss next time (pending mood swing):

a. movies

b. tv (omg.....smallville starts this week)

c. love cruise (that toni is a raving bitch..those eyes...they scare me)

d. Boston Public (where'd it go??)

e. How Boston Public parallels my school (freeaakkyy...we have a Mr. Senate...and he is leaving, too)

f. Why football players need a psych eval

g. Why softball outweighs soccer 10 to 1

h. Anything else that I find weird, stupid, or deserving of my remarks.

AND... I did't forget our parents' anniversary. I bought the cards, but I can't find them. My mom's on a bitch war-path. I best find them, and quick.

I'm itchy.

Bees make me jumpy.

Seltzer makes me full.

Italian pastries are totally YUMMM.

and, I'm losing my mind, I'm convinced of it.

Btw... if a kid says, "fudgepacker" in a sentence, be sure to ask him/her what that means. Its always good for a teacher to be up on the "slang."

Btw, again...


As if that school has standards (hehe).

And, now I have to write them a letter telling them I'm switching majors. Ugh.

But, I'm in.


Ugh. Now I have to go back to school while being in school. Any suggestions from those who do it?


Time to grade (I'll be back about those another time.)


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